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What are the new Leverage Edu plans?

Leverage Edu is a company formed by a work team that serves as advisors and mentors to all the students of India who seek to enter the universities to be trained in career and profession that will subsequently lead to personal growth and also that of the society. In this regard, they lend their support in everything related to the admission processes to the best universities in the country and the entire world. Also, once graduates help them to venture for the first time in the workplace, where the mentors are the same experts who work in the companies where students apply.

In this way, and wanting to continue with each of the objectives proposed from the beginning and that also expanded over time, according to the success that was achieved in just a few months since its founding in 2017, the Directors of Leverage Edu, Akshay Chaturvedi and Rajiv Ganjoo, increase their initial capital with the incredible participation of important entrepreneurs from India, such as the creator of HyperTrack, Kashyap Deorah, the former financial director of Babajobs, Sadashiva NT, the former financial director of American Express India, Arjun Mehta and Anand Sankeshwar, general manager of logistics of VRL, etc.

In this way, Leverage Edu intends to carry out the following plans:
• Enlarge the work team with more experts willing to contribute positively with their knowledge and experiences.
• Increase the number of beneficiaries to more than one million students on admission to universities.
• Advise and collaborate in the search of available jobs for recently graduated students.
• Provide more credits and financing to all those who need help to fulfill their professional objectives.
• Invest in the development of new products, especially those focused on the Information Technology or IT sector, for short. An example of this would be the same Artificial Intelligence with which leverage works and has hit the target with respect to the advice issued to students.

Yamaha P-121 review: all the elements that makeup a good keyboard

When it comes to evaluating a musical instrument, it is worth taking as many characteristics as possible, this, in the first place, because it will help musicians and fans get an integral idea of what it offers; and, on the other hand, because as potential buyers they must be attentive to the price-quality relationship.
In the case of the Yamaha P121 keyboard, it is consecrated as one of the best Yamaha keyboard instrumentspresented by the company in a long time. This is worth highlighting considering the trajectory that the industry has forged between amateur and professional musicians.

With this Yamaha P-121 reviewit is intended to exalt, in the first place, the dual function of the voice. While the musician composes, sometimes he can fuse the sounds and create quite romantic melodies. This quality is what most encourages composers to decide on one of these keyboards.
In the short and long-term other combinations can be made, mixing abysmally opposite styles (such as jazz and classical music) or more assonating rhythms. In either case, this is a very useful function and is the main attraction of this instrument.
The stereophonic optimizer is another attribute that belongs to the Yamaha P121keyboard. In fact, for performers who prefer the original sound of the piano and not the distortion that, in some way or another, causes the keyboard, this function is ideal.
When there is no support for pianos, the notes can rattle distorted, but with the Yamaha P-121, the keyboardists should not worry more about this technicality. This feature allows them to put the instrument on tables and hard surfaces that do not crush the sound or muffle it.
Other features that are worth adding in this Yamaha P-121 review are the presence of metronome, tempo control, and transposition, the effects of digital pianos, the built-in recording and the more than 20 automatic styles that accompany it.
Finally, the finishing touch of this instrument is the intelligent option that allows maintaining control over several functions at the same time, while connecting with intelligent devices, expanding, analyzing and enjoying much more of the chords.

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