Etizolam and its scary addictive side

Recently Etizolam has seen a boom in its sale. Why? Because it is an unscheduled chemical substance in many countries. Possession, buying or etizolam for sale is completely okay process. But it is not okay for human consumption. Now, obviously there is loophole in this system. How does one control the human consumption when buying or selling or distributing is not controlled? The government or officials can’t possibly post police officers at every buyers or distributer’s door.

You might also question etizolam legality and why not? The chemical substance can cause sedation, is a muscle relaxant, anti-depressant, anticonvulsant. If it is legal and widely available in the market it is no-brainer that the chemical substance will be abused. Also, intentional suicide by this drug has been reported in the past and still can occur. In countries such as India and Japan the chemical is a prescribed drug. It cannot be bought without prescription and definitely cannot be bought online. In USA however, the drug can be ordered online and that is a problem for quality control. You don’t know what chemical substance you are getting, especially if it is the powdered form. It is highly advisable that you don’t consume the chemical substance unless you have lab tests to confirm that it is Etizolam.
In USA the chemical is an analog for benzodiazepine and is a domestic research chemical. However, some states in the USA have completely banned the use of this chemical substance. Etizolam if taken frequently can cause addiction and also shows withdrawal symptoms when the consumption has stopped. The withdrawal symptoms involve agitation, anxiety, panic attacks, loss of appetite, trouble in sleeping and so on and so forth, just like any other abusive drugs. Therefore, the use, sale, distribution of this chemical substance should be controlled.