How people get to the top ranks quickly?

Have you even wondered how people are doing their strategies to reach the top page of google right after setting up their businesses? This is really curious for some people, however SEO professionals know that. White hat strategies would take time and these would require a lot of patience from the client to get onto the top rank pages of the search engines. However in order to get the quick results there are some short ways through which the target can be achieved. Back linking is a method and if it is combined with, results can be achieved at a great speed and this is what most of the SEO service providers are doing now a days. Google is getting smarter and active with every passing day and that is why it is not really advisable to use these techniques unless you are very familiar with the pros and cons of the methodologies used. First of all, you should be very clear of the fact that you need not to leave any foot prints behind and this is possible only if you go through the check list that is maintained for this purpose. 21pbn is a great way to get top ranking for your gambling website.

Checklist for checking the footprints of a private network blog:

• Domain selection
• Registering of the domains from different sources
• Theme of the website should be unique
• Different IP address
• Different hosting
• Backlinks from a trust worthy websites only
• Different anchor text
• Do not restrict the crawler access
• Do not use previously blacklisted domains

If you take care of the above mentioned things, you would probably never be caught and things would go fair for you for a long term strategy as well otherwise you will lose the charm of top ranking in a couple of months as Google would come to know about your intentions.