Max Aicher North America (MANA) Barmil a reliable company in construction materials.

Thanks to technological advances, it has been possible to build architectural works of great admiration, although the designer does a good job, part of the credit is taken by the suppliers of tools and construction materials. Max Aicher North America (MANA) Barmill is a world-renowned company and a leader in the high-strength steel manufacturing sector that has contributed to the manufacture of hundreds of buildings thanks to its excellent quality products.

MANA Barmill Hamilton has a great track record in the market and has more than 3,800 workers around the world, being one of the main options when it comes to building construction. The specialty of MANA Barmill Hamilton is reinforcing bars, characterized by their great strength and support ideal for buildings with a complex geometric design. The measures these bars can vary from 15 to 63.5 mm that are in 4 approved standards in the sector.

MANA Barmill Hamilton, tests each of its materials before being distributed to the market, to find out if they comply with the determination of the metric weight, tests of tensile strength and bending, something that credits the company as 100 % reliable and that has positioned it as one of the main alternatives for the construction of profitable and innovative works regardless of the design you have.

One of the great virtues of MANA Barmill Hamilton is that it manufactures its custom-made materials according to the customer’s requirements, which allows its products to adapt to the needs of specific construction works in terms of design. A great example of the quality of the reinforcing bars provided by this company is the high-rise work called 53 W53rd Street also known as the MoMa Tower building or the famous Dancing Towers built in Hamburg in Germany.

To make any request, the company has all your contact information on its official website and has a form where you can place an order.

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