Our benefit is based on sending and receiving Secure Mail

At present the interaction of people is of fundamental importance, that is why the electronic mail (e-mail) is an elementary part of our day to day, providing this the communication that we require when sending a message to another person that we do not have close and we need your answer almost immediately.

Email provides us with speed, since an email message almost instantly reaches the recipient, is versatile since you can receive the message if you have a smart mobile device with internet access, the cost of use is quite under, the message can be directed to several people at the same time, besides that it facilitates us to send text messages, it allows us to send different types of files such as music, images, videos, documents or compressed files, among others.
On the other hand, it must be borne in mind that when using an email service, we can be victims of the various attacks found in these networks, such as the viruses that are spread within the attachments, for this reason, it is necessary to have an updated antivirus so that each attached file of the received mail can be scanned. And we also have the theft of information, as we are in constant communication by this means, sending and receiving personal and work information, this is striking for thieves and uses a thousand tricks to obtain information and thus benefit.
In the point of view of this vulnerability, our platform offers end-to-end encryption for our users, generating Encrypted Email which can only be decoded between the person who sends it and the person who receives it, safeguarding in this way the security and privacy of users through these secure emails
In CTemplar we offer you various benefits such as secure emails through encryption; you can also benefit from the strictest data protection laws in the world and the guarantee of anonymity and zero access to your data.