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The knight Pro Eletric scooter

The knight pro electric scooter is one of a kind. Its a smart electric scooter with seat you can even move about easily. Its a one button touch foldable e scooter. You can quite use it to travel, once you get to the bus point all you have to do is fold and carry. Very easy and smart. You Dont have to worry about packing the frame. No more struggles with the trunk of a car. And it doesn’t even need to be manually folded. This e scooter with seat does just fine with the touch of a button. Also its body is built with aluminium allot. It has a wide frame that ensures that everyone fits in perfectly. You can sit perfectly and even add additional sit. This seated electric scooter can carry up to 120kg of weight. You can go very steady and safe.

It comes in grey and black, it also has a 13 inch pneumatic tires. These tires can ensure that you Dont have to worry about wearing nd tearing when driving through rocky or rough toads. It just carries you on smoothly. It is well fitted front and back. Another amazing feature of the knight pro e scooter with seat is its remote control automation. You can turn it on by just the press of the button on your remote control. Therefore it also ensures safety, such that you can easily sound the alarm in the case of any theft of any kind. It is durable and was built to last with a 12-year warranty, that comes with this electric scooter you have nothing to worry about.

How far do you want to go, these durable batteries on the knight pro scooter got your back as a best friend would with its off the top durable batteries that can last you up to 30-35 KM, and you just need up to a 5 hour charge. It’s an escooter that is fit table. An can definitely take you for your errands and much more.

How did bitcoin exchange in India started?

The trading of bitcoin online is a universal known electronic money. This electronic money system can be regarded as cryptocurrency. The Sell bitcoin in India has increased for payments, because most bitcoins uses an electronic network system called P2P. This helps in making sure that all cryptocurrencies can make payments online. People buy bitcoin in India because this money is considered to be a unique encryption system with its only purpose of total security and anonymity. In 2009 the Satoshi bitcoin was launched with a secured internet code solely for their users. During this time they went ahead in developing a unique cryptographic currency without a trace of origin to any country money.

Bitcoin exchange in India is with three major currencies of some countries. For example, US dollar ($), Chinese yuan (¥), and Euro (£). The bitcoin price is weighed and calculated as the bitcoin indexes. Recently, people had understood that bitcoin owners of the most popular currencies ranges from economic countries. This is a good thing for them because these countries tend to determine the net worth of bitcoin as a crypto currency.
Best bitcoin rate as of 4thJanuary 2018 is about $16,507.00, which may likely vary as time goes on. This price rate depends solely on the daily purchase and cost rate of traffic. Bitcoin cannot be managed because is an electronic online virtual currency. Most people always ask, how can they trade bitcoin? Bitcoin can be trade online once you have bought coins from an investor depending on the market price rate. This requires an encrypted electronic code with information concerning cryptocurrency in order to send bitcoins.
Trading of bitcoin and other crypto currencies can be profitable if done wisely, but require a large amount investments fund and time.

Getting Marijuana Online

Why typically aren’t you Purchasing marijuana online from Canada today? It’s so very easy that there truly is no factor not to do it.
If you are a person with a government allow to have and also make use of pot, you could conveniently and also lawfully acquire the weed you require from an on the internet dispensary with no headache.
If you are still going to bricks-and-mortar pot stores, take into consideration these 5 reasons making use of an online dispensary in Canada is the simpler option. As one short article in Endgaget commented, “It actually should not be this simple. ”

1. No Person Needs to Know
Keep your medical problem exclusive
There are a range of problems for which you could get a prescription from a physician to get medical marijuana. Accepted problems consist of anxiety and also consuming conditions, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and also Crohn’s Disease, sex-related disorder, HIV/AIDs, cancer cells as well as Multiple Sclerosis, among others.
You could not desire peoples understanding that you are coping among these problems. Running into a coworker or a household pal on the road when you are appearing of a dispensary unlocks to all type of people concerns.
Discrete Packaging
By getting your Purchasing marijuana online, you negate that opportunity totally. Exactly how calming to obtain your medical marijuana similarly you obtain any type of mail order bundle. You could open your mail in the personal privacy of your very own residence, with no concerns asked.
Any kind of credible online dispensary will certainly make sure to will certainly deliver you your item in a simple plan, so it will certainly not elevate the brows of any type of snoopy next-door neighbors or flatmates.
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Gutter Cleaning Step-By-Step

Gutters are an important part of each home. They redirect water way from your own house’s foundations, siding, windows and doors. In so doing, they prevent water damage and mold, rot, and basement flooding. Therefore, correct GutGutter Repair Long Island ter Repair Long Island can be an important aspect of house maintenance that you cannot afford to disregard.
Need for Gutter Cleaning

Gutters have to be properly maintained to become effective. If they’re filled up with leaves, twigs, and debris, rainwater will simply gather in them instead of running away, causing added weight. This might result in broken and dropping gutters. Additionally, rainwater still left in gutters may leak into your walls causing water damage and mold and mold. While gutter-cleaning could be a messy hassle, it really is a truly imperative home chore.
How frequently your gutters must be cleaned depends on your geographical area. The stock guideline is twice a year, but if your house is surrounded by a whole lot of trees and/or offers frequent storms, they have to be cleaned more frequently. It really is especially vital that you clean your gutters in past due fall/early winter, as particles in gutters could cause ice buildup in the wintertime.
Instructions for Gutter Cleaning
After you have scooped out all the debris, you will have to make sure the downspouts aren’t clogged. Using a hose with an on/ away pressure nozzle, spray straight down the downspout. If there are any clogs that the water can’t work out, you may use a plumber’s auger (or a wire layer hanger, if the clog is certainly in reach). After the downspouts are clear, utilize the hose to clean out any caked-on dirt in the gutters. Wash out the entire gutter, and make the dirty water falls the downspout.
That is all that’s involved with cleaning your gutters. There are some cautionary tips, nevertheless. Gutter-cleaning could be a dangerous work which requires one to spend lots of time on a ladder. In the event that you aren’t comfy doing this, or for those who have a multiple-story house, you might want to consider hiring a specialist. There are a large number of ladder-related accidents each year, and Gutter Repair Long Island are experienced and educated in order to avoid such accidents. Whatever you decide to pursue happy cleaning!

The Best Door Stopper You Can Buy

Isn’t it frustrating when you are holding an event in your house suddenly when there is a myriad of visitors going into your house but the door always has to close and open all time not only this decrease is the lifespan of the hinge of the door it also makes a squeaky sound if you don’t maintain the hinge which you have to boil the hinge from time to time this makes it hard to maintain a door that cannot hold itself stationary or sometimes you just need to exchange the air in the room and you need to circulate the air and aerate the room. Hens this is why you need the easy step door stopper.

Say goodbye to your plain old conventional door stopper because the easy step door stopper is a new and improved version of it’s predecessor. Not only the product quality is good, craftsmanship at it’s finest we also used the best metal rigging in order for the door stopper to last long. Moreover, the spring mechanism allows everybody to step on it with the convenience of a release action seamlessly and effortlessly using the product. Moreover it also uses a patented design called step to release paddle with no banding no manual lifting or even getting your shoes dirty you by using the door stopper.
Say goodbye to your old door stopper because the new one this a more better job in door stop than your old door stopper. One of the key features in the product that makes it ineffable product is it is able to adjust the height according to your level door furthermore it is available in 4 finishes first is satin nickel antique bronze comes in second then brass and lastly Chrome. It received 5 star rating from Amazon and it is the best reviewed hands-free doorstop on Amazon so get yours now today while stocks lasts

Varieties of electronic cigarettes in vape shops

2 piece
There are different varieties which are available in the e cigarettes and you can easily purchase them online. The most commonly used kind is the 2 piece cigar. They are pre filled and you can also choose to fill them but make sure that you have enough patience for filling the e liquid. There is another version which is the mini ego styles. It is the kind of innovation as it gives the convenience and also you have the same deign like the 2 piece cigar. It also has the ability of using the mixes and e liquid of your own choice.

Transit from smoking
If you are into the transition from the smoking to the vape then you can choose the electronic cigarettes easily. It is the best way through which you can starts. Moreover, they are less expensive as compared to the cigarettes which you use and consume. They are the ones which give you the feeling of smoking and also they feel near to the cigarettes in hand. Most of the people keep on feeling the soothing when they consume the cigar. When you progress you will become smoke free and then you can decide to move to the e cigarettes of modded types.
They are having the e liquid refilled but they also allow the refilling. You also can choose no nicotine’s at all in such kind of cigars. The possibilities which you can have with cigars are endless. It does not include and does not even needs any mixing, adjusting and there are also no worries involved with this kind of cigars. There are many people who also try the eco style of cigars in electronic ones and they have also tried mods. It is easy to purchase the pre filled variety in this case. There are certain companies which also include the mini ego styles tanks and the amortize.

Best poker games in Indonesia

Poker games have developed in many countries websites nowadays when compared to the early times. Now many websites are offering different variations in the online poker games. First will start from the simple to the complex variation in the game. To play poker games there are some popular websites, in which one of them is kiu kiu online poker game website developed in Indonesia.
There are many best poker games in Indonesia such as seven card stud, five card draw, Texas hold’em, Omaha, and so many. Here let us see about few poker games –

Seven card stud –
Early 21st century seven card poker game was the popular game than the others. This game has to deal with two cards one face-up and one face-down. In this game, betting will start with the person who has lowest face-up card. After dealing with every card there is a round of betting where 4th,5th and 6th cards are the face-up and 7th card is the face down.
Five card draw –
This is the simple poker game. This can be played online on the website called dominoqq online. Five card draw game mostly played for fun, and not in the environment of competing. Every player starts dealing with face down card and there is the opportunity to draw cards from the deck. Replacing the same number of the card which they put the card on the deck bottom.
Texas hold’em –
This is one of a most popular version of poker game. Every player used to get two card face down and have to use with five faces up card community and this card will be available in the hand for everyone. There are three card communities are there which called flop, turn and river. First, three card community called the flop, fourth called as turn and fifth is the river. This is easy to play online and safe too on the website agen poker online.
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‘FIFA 18’ Ultimate Team with our beginner’s guide

FIFA Ultimate Team is the popular mode from the long-running football franchise, and with good reason. With complete control over your team formations, coaching, transfers, and game plans, your Ultimate Team is yours and yours alone. In FIFA 18, you are given much more ways to earn card packs and improve your roster before you compete against other people online, but it may be somewhat overwhelming for people new to the mode. Luckily, our FIFA 18Ultimate Team guide will inform you everything should know to get started, from the way to earn card packs to finishing objectives.

FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team is a personalized, card-based mode unlike anything else in this game. Instead of picking a pre-made group or Translation players, you construct your team with cards, which you buy using either in-game money or real money.

Since you improve your group, you may opt to enter single-player leagues, tournaments, or particular “squad conflicts,” or you’ll be able to take the game online to compete against other players. All you do earns you more things which may be utilized to improve your group, and if you find a player who does not have a part in your squad anymore, you can sell him into other FIFA Ultimate Team players for much more money.

The changes in the role of a tugger cart

The mass production and transportation is the key and the main role that a tugger cart plays towards the delivery and transport process for most of the industrial and manufacturing firms.When the production of materials in a manufacturing firm is not unique, i.e., a variety of products are produced, the transportation of the same is done by tugger carts, however, the type of tugger carts must vary accordingly with the use and type of products as well as their quantities.

The effective mobility for a cart to deliver a service for which it has been designed is a result of advanced engineering to meet and design the exact cart for the exact purpose that it is mends to serve in an efficient manner. The main concern while a cart is being constructed is the flattened space to hold materials and a particular maximum capacity is imprinted on each cart that it could bear in terms of the load. This is mainly done on the concept based on returns and benefits that an individual or organization would receive on purchasing a tugger cart to get the value of money worth towards the investment they made. This is the most noted thing while the design of heavy-duty industrial carts is done.The tugger cart even works best in a zigzag route for transportation due to its sleekness and compact design compared to the other same equipment available in the market.

The tugger carts can approximately take loads of twenty-thousand pounds when they are used for transportation on a flat surface. A battery of engine operated tugger has the capacity to pull several other manual tugger carts depending on the load that is put on as well as the capacity of the main tugger cart.However, in the case where the transportation needs to be done across an inclined surface, then there can be several factors associated, like the cost increase for powered tugger carts and for manual tuggers the effort andstress here to get more information warehouse tugger carts.

Two proven tips to help you get a foreign domestic helper

We live in a dispensation where it is becoming ever apparent that men and women are having lesser time to tend to their domestic issues, this may well be the reason for the increase in the demand for many homes for the services of a foreign domestic helper. Without a doubt, there are certain things, which cannot be left untended to in the home such as the washing of the clothes, tending to the young and elderly, and as such a helper simply helps you get this area of your life covered. However, it is often times not just about getting any help as there are certain things you must consider even as you go about the selection process so as to serve as a guide.

Know what you want
Even before you begin the process of looking for a helper, you ought to first and foremost sit down with your spouse to draw up what exactly it is that you need even as you engage a helper. You should try as much as possible to place greater focus on the most vital aspects of why exactly you are engaging her services and also as regards which candidate will best suit your type of lifestyle. For instance, you need to consider if you are engaging her for the purpose of taking care of your kids or perhaps the old ones or even both, in such a scenario, you must understand that each task comes with its own unique peculiarities. Also, you may want to factor in the cultural background of such an individual.

Consult widely
Even if you are considering one of the best employment agencies such as HL&C (HL&C Employment Agency Ltd.), you should still make it a point to consult your friends and colleagues to get their opinion and counsel as regards making the right choice, they most probably know better than you in that regard.

Cryptographic Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets are cold storage devices (and should you not understand exactly what this means, you wish to have a step back and read on our official site!). Since they’re cold storage, then they are not on the internet, and offer increased security for your own keepsakes simply by being readily hacked. If you are using some exemptions to your long term investment or simply enjoy a ‘savings’ account, then components wallets are all you’ll need for your security!

The Exact first mass-produced best hardware wallets was that the Trezor. This device only supported Bitcoin for a long period, but updates have additional support for additional crypto-coins such as Litecoin and Zcash. One of the most-loved characteristics of the Trezor continues to be its own ability to automatically produce new receiving speeches and capacity to recover the device contents in the event of loss or theft of their device itself. These “seed phrases” are often written of 12, 18, or 24 words which might be used to reestablish a Trezor, for example accessibility to every one of those cryptocurrencies it monitored. How? Check out this Request a Professional on Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallets for more information!
best hardware wallet for ethereum offer higher security than software wallets as it is another, offline device. It is not about the internet until it is plugged into your pc, and security will help prevent it out of being hacked as it is. If anything happens to a personal computer or phone, like vandalism or vandalism, your own hardware wallet, together with your keys and crypto will last to be nice (if you do not break or ruin it)! You can guard your device with a password too, which is an extra layer of security in the event of theft. They are small enough to readily move, and easy enough to use it makes shipping and getting simple and fairly fast.

What are the main features which come along with electrum XBC?

There has been a huge boom which has been created by cryptocurrency all over the world. As the cryptocurrency like bitcoin is not governed by any bank or government more people are turning to use them these days. It was estimated that as of May there were over 5 million users of cryptocurrency all over the world. Of course this number is expected to rise as more people are embracing this risk free technology. Carrying large amounts of cash is always a risky process which is also another reason why bitcoin or bitcoin plus is gaining fast over other payment options. This applies for both vendors as well as customers who use bitcoin to avail services or purchase products. You may choose to visit the website to know some of the main features of bitcoin plus and why you should choose to use this.

With the use of cryptocurrency, you can travel with millions of dollars’ worth of cash and have it exchanged for any currency that you need. This works well for business men traveling to different parts of the world. With electrum XBC you tend to get one bitcoin plus for the existing bitcoin that you already have. It is also an open source program which means there is no body like a government or a bank controlling it. So investing in bitcoin plus would be a good idea for anyone who is looking for options to invest with. The use of bitcoin Plus wallet support would make it trouble free as well for handling huge amounts. You can feel much safer with the use of bitcoin plus as it also does not have any downtime and starts almost instantaneously. If you visit the above website, you would get to know all features which make this program one of the best in the world with cryptocurrency.

Finding Luxury casino sign up bonus

luxury casino sign up bonus is something like a marking bonus. When one begins playing luxury casino on the web, dominant part of the locales will offer some money or card bonus. The luxury casino bonus store’s primary reason for existing is to attract individuals to play the amusement on that specific site. The measure of bonus that individuals get fluctuates from site to site. Finding a decent luxury casino bonus store is the way to having a definitive ordeal when playing luxury casino on the web.

Before one starts playing on the web luxury casino, a store is required. One opens a record and encourages in data on the shape that one finds on the site and after that makes the store. The sum to store relies upon the specific site. It can extend from only a wage to several pounds. It is fitting that one does some online research before marking to any luxury casino webpage and keeping any cash regardless of how little the sum is. While looking into, it is essential that one remembers that a few locales will offer a free bonus for simply joining. This should matter a great deal when settling on the choice to agree to accept a specific site.
Luxury casino sign up bonus is generally gotten by any individual who joins to the site. The cash that one gets must be utilized as a part of that specific site. It can’t be pulled back to be utilized to buy merchandise. Others can be little while others can be scaled, where they are at least two times the sum. The primary motivation behind the store is to go about as an impetus for individuals to play online luxury casino on that specific website. Did you realize that in online luxury casino, no store money bonus is offered by a huge larger part of the luxury casino locales which you can use to acclimate yourself with their webpage, discover your way around and to make new fellowships. This is a fantastic method to see whether that site is the correct one for you, regardless of whether their card purchasing framework is simple, whether the rooms are inviting, how the talk mediators give out their smaller than usual bonus and all the more critically whether the site is ideal for you, the player.

Playgroups, Online and Offline

Staying at home with your children is a rewarding experience. Occasionally you and your children need interaction with the external world. 1 means to do this is both an advantage to your kids and yourself would be to make or join a playgroup in Singapore. This provides your child(ren) valuable interaction that’s required to develop their societal abilities. Moreover it provides you with an excellent chance to converse with adults. Most of us know what it is like to be at home all day with no adult interaction.

Playgroups may be found or formed at neighborhood community centers, church organizations, and mutual friends and online. In case you have family or friends with kids the exact same age then you’ve got the makings of a potential playgroup. If not, then it is possible to go to your neighborhood center, church or online playgroup search to search for other moms using the very same interests.

Along with establishing playdates, this is a good route to prepare girls’ night outs together with different moms.
Setting up playmates:
Rotate the play bunch from every playgroup mom. This will enable the children to socialize with various settings.
Maintain the day/time consistent so It Will not interfere with the kids’ programs (rest, sleep, mother time)
Schedule people play dates in the regional park, story time in the local bookstore, swimming pools, etc… This may take the monotony out of it.
Bring the essential change of clothing, diapers, and snacks.
Going Online to Discover playgroups:

Playgroup matching websites are popping up on the Internet. These permit you to start looking for other moms searching for playgroups to combine according to town and/or zip code. 1 such playgroup search is at MommiesCloset.Com’s Playgroups database. This website as with other people permit you to combine present playgroups and also to make playgroups for other moms to combine. Some website like the one mentioned previously, permit you to search by zip code providing a specified radius to restrict your search (i.e. 30 kilometers from 90210). Many moms are discovering these websites extremely helpful.

Long island roofing repairs: the best solution provider of roofing issues in Canada

The roof repair Long island, if contacted and handed over a roof repair job, will perform exceeding your expectations and gives you the value for money services. The issue with your roof will be thoroughly diagnosed by these people and a solution will be provided. This solution will not only cost you les money but also will last a very long time.

The damage to the roof can be caused due to a variety of issues. The damage may be caused by a wild animal, the falling of snow etc. Sometimes the chimney of the house may also need replacement or the roof may be required to be made water proof in nature for all these purposes, you need the roof repair men.

The workers from the best companies working for Long island roofers are very knowledgeable concerning matters of roof repair. Hence you can be sure of the services that will be provided by these people. You can be sure of the fact, that only the best in the business know the repairing of roofs as these people do.

The services provided by the repairmen, all the replacement and modifications done on the roof will definitely last a very long time. If your roof is being renovated, then the supervisors will consider various factors before starting the work. One of the factors that will come under consideration will be the age of the roof. It will be considered, if some other repair jobs had been done on the roof before the present one.

The present capability and functioning of the roof will finally be evaluated by the people and the process of roofing Long island will begin. If the roof is quite old, then it must have weathered lots of storms and harsh sunlight and would have worn off to a certain degree.
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Blues Styles and Background

Different Types of Blues Music
I thought I’d write a small bit about the kinds of blues songs. There are so many out there it can occasionally be difficult to tell which is which. For all those out there who are aspiring to become good blues musicians or guitarist, understanding what the different kinds of blues is vital. bluesrevue can assist you in a number of facet. First you’ll only sounds smarter and well rounded with talking the blues along with different musicians, second it will give you a better understanding of the blues and background of it which then allow you to become a better musician.

Because there are numerous sorts of blues songs I’ll go ahead and only cover a few of the significant ones.
Vaudeville – This is a favorite style of blues from the 1930’s. Vaudevelle describes some theatrical record of entertainment in the U.S from the 30s. Bessie Smith was one of the very famous Vaudeville blues signers and is often known as the “Empress of the Blues”
Boogie- Woogie – This is really a type of jazz/blues piano played in quick temp. The left will keep a rhythmic and melodic pattern and the right hand will improvise from the treble.
Chicago – The Chicago blues design was designed from the late 1940’s. It electrified and amplified the Delta Blues. Adding bass, drumsguitar, and piano. The form is more elastic to accommodate signers, guitarists, pianists, and harmonica players.
New Orleans – This design is mostly piano and horn-driven. There’s a joyful element to this music using a “idle” texture to it.

Electric – Electric blues specifically because in embraces every sort of blues. Stylistically, the form is a wide-open area, available to just about every permutation potential- embracing the older, the new, and on occasion the futuristic. Some forms of this replicate the old styles of blues (mostly the Chicago, Texas, and Louisiana variations), usually at a small-combo format, but some head into funk and soul land. Nevertheless electric blues is flexible enough to include artists that pay homage to all those classic fashions of playing while concurrently recasting them in modern fashion.

Couple of Words About Online Poker Betting

Many texas holdem beginners are usually self-conscious about playing with net online poker games inside the original brick & mortar casinos in fact it is those individuals the net poker portal sites target. Hardly a month passes by without new on-line poker gambling sites being set up and it is not astonishing when one finds the earnings brought in through these situs texas holdem terpercaya houses rose from $82.7 million within 2001 about $2.4 billion in August 2005.

The primary side for all those actively playing in texas holdem portal websites is the freedom from bindings that are geographic. Provided that you have an internet related PC, they could participate in these online gambling bedrooms. Casino owners possess many of the portal websites that are online. Casino proprietors do not wish to inspire poker within their brick & mortar casinos due to the high prices. For casino owners, pointing and retaining an online texas holdem portal site are not relatively more expensive. Once they wished to add another desk within their gambling establishments that are typical, it might imply adding precious property, in the online bedrooms, all they have to do is actually make some modifications in the program.

The players to gain a good deal from your situs texas holdem terpercaya portals simply because playing above there’s expenditure is much less than participating in the ones that have been actual. You can anticipate the stake as little as 2 pennies in at times and the on the internet rooms the players may locate portal websites which don’t bill virtually any entry costs. Those portals’ owners do this to take beginners using their website. Those considering web poker could be interested to find out that the preliminary free poker on the internet was played occasionally via the late 90’s and it was understood IRC texas holdem (internet pass on chat poker). click here to get more information poker betting sites (situs taruhan poker).

Togel Online – Assured Rewards

togel online are the most recent fixation to achieve internet speculators, with simple to utilize machines, monstrous big stakes, and high payouts. So with the outline of online space amusement players never again need to leave the solace of their family room or relax and can wager in a virtual opening world. At whatever point a Slot machine is made they are resolved to have one of a kind payout rates. A lotus4dwill buy an arrangement of space machines and have the payback percent fluctuate a bit, in spite of the fact that when you arrange them all together they will normal to a pre chosen sum. Togel online are extraordinary; they will set one payback proportion which is substantially higher than a bar, or clubhouse space machine.

Togel Online are anything but difficult to play and you never need to invest excessively energy seeing how they function. Basically store and have a ton of fun turning the reels. All of the cutting edge openings have various pay line. Playing on most extreme lines gives you the most astounding prospect of winning. About every single Togel online incorporate advancements when you join, which can go from 100%-400% match of your store or FREE cash. To give you a case of a 100% store reward. In the event that you store £50 thelotus4dwill coordinate your store with another £50 and that will give you £100 to play on the openings. Each online clubhouse has somewhat unique terms in the event that it comes to pulling back these rewards, yet arrive based lotus4d not the slightest bit give you free cash. So now there is no motivation to try and continuous a clubhouse, as you can play from the solace of your own home, and recover a significantly higher pay rate.

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