Some interesting facts about funny pick up lines

Nowadays people are so fast in his or her lifestyle. Always people want everything quickly. funny pick up lines are one kind of thing which you can impress a girl or a boy with taking few minutes. This is the lovely thing for all people. There are many funny lines on the internet. Suppose you like someone, but that person did not like you.

The solution is, you can try some funny punch lines to the girls. According to some research 90% of chance that person attracts you by punch lines. You can say it; this is the pre-dating stage. You can also call flirting. Sometimes a person does not like this thing, and thereply is very rude. So whenever you are using this at that time, you have to talk few things about you.
• Healthy flirt:
When you are using funny pick up lines, always keep in your mind. Pick the right moment and right place otherwise it will not work. It is like healthy flirt between a girl and a boy. You have to say these punch lines always sarcastically. The main thing is, it does not hurt any person. The full conversation is fascinating as well as romantic. If you are not good at looks that do not matter looks. It matters, how confident you are? Always you have to calm and confident. There is no age restriction; everyone can say these lines without any problem.

• You can’t stop laughing at funny pick up lines:
Best the thing is when people smile because of your punch lines. It is the best medicine. If a stranger is laughing at your jokes then you can sure, you work is done. Funny pick up linesare the best technique which you can easily attract people with some small efforts. Example of some punch lines are “How you doing?”, “Wow! You have beautiful eyes” and many more. Both male and female can use pickup lines without any problem.