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Blues Styles and Background

Different Types of Blues Music
I thought I’d write a small bit about the kinds of blues songs. There are so many out there it can occasionally be difficult to tell which is which. For all those out there who are aspiring to become good blues musicians or guitarist, understanding what the different kinds of blues is vital. bluesrevue can assist you in a number of facet. First you’ll only sounds smarter and well rounded with talking the blues along with different musicians, second it will give you a better understanding of the blues and background of it which then allow you to become a better musician.

Because there are numerous sorts of blues songs I’ll go ahead and only cover a few of the significant ones.
Vaudeville – This is a favorite style of blues from the 1930’s. Vaudevelle describes some theatrical record of entertainment in the U.S from the 30s. Bessie Smith was one of the very famous Vaudeville blues signers and is often known as the “Empress of the Blues”
Boogie- Woogie – This is really a type of jazz/blues piano played in quick temp. The left will keep a rhythmic and melodic pattern and the right hand will improvise from the treble.
Chicago – The Chicago blues design was designed from the late 1940’s. It electrified and amplified the Delta Blues. Adding bass, drumsguitar, and piano. The form is more elastic to accommodate signers, guitarists, pianists, and harmonica players.
New Orleans – This design is mostly piano and horn-driven. There’s a joyful element to this music using a “idle” texture to it.

Electric – Electric blues specifically because in embraces every sort of blues. Stylistically, the form is a wide-open area, available to just about every permutation potential- embracing the older, the new, and on occasion the futuristic. Some forms of this replicate the old styles of blues (mostly the Chicago, Texas, and Louisiana variations), usually at a small-combo format, but some head into funk and soul land. Nevertheless electric blues is flexible enough to include artists that pay homage to all those classic fashions of playing while concurrently recasting them in modern fashion.