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The personal life of Alex Rodriguez’s ex-wife Cynthia Curtis

Surely if you have not followed player Alex Rodriguez so closely, you do not know who we are talking about when we mentioned the name of Cynthia Curtis.
Alex Rodriguez’s ex-wife Cynthia Curtis, best known for her relationship with the player, is currently the only mother of the two children who had their marriage during the 6 years they were together. Cynthia Curtis is known to have worked as a psychology teacher before joining Alex Rodriguez. Of the personal life of the ex-wife of Alex Rodriguez is very little known, this is kept in total reserve as it does not maintain official accounts in any of the social networks, therefore it does not share any kind of public information.

Alex Rodriguez’s ex-Wife Cynthia Scurtis has managed to keep her life and that of her two children away from the media at all costs has tried to have a quiet life away from the shows and events that link her to their old relationship.
Despite the reasons for his divorce, Alex Rodriguez’s ex-wife Cynthia Curtis has managed the resources and money obtained after the agreement to sign the divorce, has invested in real estate and maintains a comfortable living status to show off for his car deluxe.
It is known that Alex Rodriguez’s relationship with his children after separation and divorce is very stable, although the custody of the children is Cynthia’s.
Unlike Cynthia, if Alex can be seen with his children photographed on social networks, the player just has the opportunity to share images with his children through his official accounts with thousands of followers.
Cynthia Curtis does not offer public appearances in the different media, she maintains a low profile so as not to attract attention and preserve her and her children’s privacy. Keeping away from the scandals of your ex-has also helped him a lot since he has never offered any statement related to his involvement with drug use, his relationship with women of artistic means and more.

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