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ContiMusic, the creative ally of your Production Music Library

ContiMusic is an online service dedicated to the production of Royalty Free Production Music which you can download unlimited once you acquire the membership of the site, which allows you to use the original tracks you have chosen, forever, as you wish, in personal or commercial projects.

By contracting Contimusic’s Production Music Online service, you acquire a license that allows you to use the tracks on different online platforms, including social networks, also on television, radio, podcast, and others. Even if you decide to cancel your subscription in the future, you can still use the music you have downloaded.

The only rule of Conti music is that the client does not redistribute, resell or give away music indiscriminately or use it in works that are offensive, vulgar or violent.

The Production Music Library is entirely in the hands of Conti music. It is music 100% original and Production Music Copyright Free so you will never have to pay extra money for its use.

If you are not interested in membership, you can pay for the individual tracks with the “pay-as-you-go” service and download them quickly and easily so you can use it as you want, at a price of $ 18 per track and $ 35 per album.

For only $ 49 a year, the client has unlimited access to the music library; all the tracks, albums and special elements you need for your projects.

If you do not find a song or melody in the library that fits perfectly with your creative project, Conti music offers you the production of personalized Production Music Royalty Free, an original track for you and your needs, exclusive and unique. You should only specify to the Contimusic team the details of the tracks, such as duration, musical genre, effects and others.

In addition, you have the option to register your email to receive important updates about all ContiMusic content.

Royalty Free Music in Educational Institutions

Music has become an important aspect in life and music is the only thing that can be used anywhere irrespective of the atmosphere. It not only soothes your body and mind rather boost yourself with good vibes. Music doesn’t restrict itself only to entertainment rather spreads its wings far and wide across many fields. Many school and college projects uses music for videos in their projects to provide an enhanced version.

Free Royalty Music in Schools
Many sites offer Music For Videos via free royalty music in schools. The music can be used for their projects for one-time license fee but not on commercial projects that generates money or create profits in business activities. Many students use the royalty free music to be used in video uploaded for school projects and it can be broadcasted and played within the school premises. There are “n” number of videos in royalty free music library and the students are entitled to uses these videos without any charges. Many sites provide copyright free music videos and the students can download and use in a variety of ways.
How the students use the music
Educational institutions can sign up with the site and make use of these royalty free music services. There is no limit to the number of students using this service and it can be used as part of their curriculum. Some sound collections can be unsuitable to be used in school premises. Hence students should be aware before using these free libraries.
Summing it up
Many of the websites used by the educational institutions be it in schools or colleges whatever are generally copyright materials. For example, music video “Today’s world” perfect for news and technology related videos and can be used by the multimedia students. Their project videos gains added effect when paired up with such videos.

Submit hip hop music to showcase your talent

The young generation can now submit hip hop music to present their talent before the people. The respective website is very famous among the people of the world and the celebrities as well. On a daily basis, thousands of people visit the website to download various songs and music. They also look out for new music albums as well.

Facilities and features of submit hip hop music
• You get the exposure that is required for the emerging stars to reach out to the common people.
• You will not have to spend a lot of money is advertisements or wait for the opportunity to come.
• The website is designed in a user friendly way so that people get things easily and upload the albums without any difficulty.
• You can get the chance to perform at big concerts once the agents get attracted to your talent posted on the website.

It is really very difficult to get a chance to perform on the big platform. At present, the emerging stars are coming out to perform on the platform through competition. The television channel managers are holding a lot of music competitions. Singers from various parts of the world come to showcase their talent. But it is really insulting to judge a talent through competition. The person may be talented with certain things, particularly in the respective category. Moreover, the situation matters much during the auditions. The person might be scared, nervous or uncomfortable at that moment. Thus if you submit hip hop musicon the website, then this is the best way.
• You will be on your own, so you have the confidence.
• You are not judged by anyone on the website.
You are directly judged by the people, which is the best thing ever that brings in you the urge. The people can, therefore,submit hip hop music without any hesitation.