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The CPM in advertising mode is available for your application thanks to Tapgerine

Mobile applications are a fundamental tool for today’s life, for the great possibilities they offer and in the vicinity of the cell phone, from health, lifestyle, games or many other utilities. So, it is useful to advertise within applications because of the global reach they have and offer the possibility of reaching a more diverse and heterogeneous audience.

So, one way to include ads in applications is through videos, with the strategy of CPM, cost per thousand views, according to its acronym in Spanish, this basically consists of announcing videos for which one thousand views of users will be paid.
In this way, it is important to have an ally that can help you in the process of monetizing your mobile application and in the inclusion of cpm in advertising , guaranteeing the highest revenue for both the developer of the application and whoever advertises in it.

In this sense, the Tapgerine experts have a video inclusion system that guarantees the comfortable use of the app and the consumption of the ads at the same time, they can be included at the end or in the middle of the application, but in such a way that, does not affect the relevant content of it.

With Tapgerine services you can measure the impact of CPM in advertising with real-time statistics, so you are informed of the scope of your application and the corresponding announcement.

In addition, Tapgerine’s team of specialists offers you personalized attention twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to answer all your concerns when you need it because the commitment to your monetization process and your application is the most important for the Tapgerine team.

In short, do not hesitate to enter tapgerine.com/platforms/cpm-platform to know the best way to add CPM in advertising to your mobile application, which will guarantee the best revenue for your team of developers and for advertisers in your application, making them reach a more appropriate audience, which will make your company more successful in every way.

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