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The tapestry price makes it the opportunity of their lives

The Tapestry is a project considered a golden opportunity for those who are interested in being part of an exemplary condominium, in addition to the tapestry price is just one of the many reasons why you will end up joining the community officially.

The tapestry showflat says more than a thousand words, this project will be a success, but while it is under construction, units are still available to sell.
The Tapestry is a condominium that has a total of 861 units or departments, of which not all are currently available. Both the interior of each unit and the general areas of this condominium present pleasant environments, ideal for free enjoyment, Highlighting that even the surroundings of The Tapestry are also quite attractive.
In Singapore, more specifically Tampines, there are many centers of commerce, schools, services and area of interest that are located near The Tapestry. What makes it a perfect residential area.

Its residents will have all the areas they like, swimming pools, private club, tennis court, recreational area for children and one for animals, gym, parking is spacious and has extra positions.

The tapestry floor Plan describes the design and distribution of the different units, which were designed so that any group of people, regardless of their specific number, can reside in their facilities without a problem.

Units that depend on your number of rooms and the type or style you have; if it will have a study or an extra bathroom, among other things. From young students to large families you can count on The Tapestry as your perfect condo.

The Tapestry is being developed by the company City Developments Limited; who also developed the set of Residences NV and the set of Residences Nassim Park. Therefore, The Tapestry is a promising project, with high expectations from its clients, and with the intention of fulfilling and surpassing them, since it is being developed by a prominent and popular developer group for its impeccable work.

Find the property of your dreams in the tapestry Tampines

You want to live in the heart of the city, with all the comforts, excellent access roads and also be able to choose the best apartment, that suits your needs and at the best price, we invite you to invest in the best condo in Singapore, and that is The Tapestry, a 99-year-old residential complex, owned by City Developments Limited (CDL) the developer with the highest-end and most trusted projects in Singapore, with brands as prestigious as W Hotels and amazing developments such as New Futura and The Sail @ Marina Bay.

This guarantees that The Tapestry will also have the best quality in its facilities, as well as that The Tapestry is located along Tampines Ave. 10, which has the main road networks that connect with Bartley Road and Tampines Expressway.
Tampines is the largest residential area in Singapore, and the eastern regional center of the country, so if you decide to buy a home in the tapestry tampines you will be in the center, with access to all the amenities offered by the area.
The Tapestry offers not only comfort but the opportunity to live in one of the best and most popular neighborhoods where you will have the best lifestyle. Having shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, recreational centers and even nearby educational centers will give you the not only quality of life, but the tranquility and peace you have always wanted.
Request a tapestry showflat to convince yourself that it is appropriate for you and your family, make the investment of your life in your home, you will not regret it. Invest in the future at today’s prices.
We invite you to access our website http://sgpropertieslaunch.com to register and keep up to date with the latest information on developments such as The Tapestry Singapore and other projects that may be of your interest, you can also fill out our form and get access to Tapestry showrooms or tapestry location.

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