The fortune obtained from her divorce Cynthia Scurtis is around twelve million dollars

Perhaps the name of Cynthia Scurtis is not at all familiar until we tell you that it is the ex-wife of the great league Alex Rodriguez and the mother of her two children, from whom she separated after six years of marriage in 2008, The reasons for the separation seem to have been for the extramarital adventures of the player, although to date they seem to be on good terms in relation to the custody and maintenance of their children.

The couple met while both attended the same gym, engaging and marrying fairly quickly, when even the player did not enjoy the fame, prestige and multi-million dollar contracts that were catching up in his dizzying career, becoming the most expensive player in baseball.
Cynthia Scurtis studied and graduated in psychology and later devoted herself to teaching, a profession she did not abandon after her marriage, her life is not known beyond that they come from a Mexican family and she was born in Florida in 1972, part He spent his childhood in Mexico with his parents and brothers and there is no more information about how he was. He attended primary school in his native Florida and continued his psychology studies at Nova Southeastern University. And the divorce obtained a significant sum of money that is around 12 million dollars that she has wisely continued to grow, drive a luxury car and buy a large house where she lives with her children. After the divorce she is rarely seen in the press or magazines, not much is known about her, while Alex Rodriguez is quite active in social networks where he is shown as a loving father since he frequently publishes photos with his children, the couple seems to have to leave aside the problems that led to the divorce, she never ventilated the alleged infidelities of her husband with various women among whom she ruminated was the same Queen of Madonna Pop, although both at that time denied it. Cynthia Scurtis has no presence in social networks.

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