Transform your body with an intermittent fasting program

Many men think that in order to lose weight and obtain well-sculpted abs, they will have to undergo strict diets and a complicated exercise plan. That is why entrepreneurs like Thomas Delauer dare to show you at healthyusa that getting rid of overweight and having an enviable figure is an achievable goal.

Delauer is the creator of the science based six pack fitness plan, whose key to success lies in his intermittent fasting program based on eating 3-6 small meals during the day but at specific and controlled times, which help him in Weight loss in a healthy way and place your body in “fat burning” mode, essential to shape your body with easy exercises to perform.

The program has a cost of $ 97 and includes:
• 5 video tutorials on the method of fasting, where the author explains their benefits and gives you tips to control cravings and meals during the day so that you allow your body to enter the “fat burning” mode in an efficient way.
• An E-Book of the complete fasting course that contains many healthy and delicious recipes, including desserts; and combinations of mini meals, all of the quick and easy preparation.
• Two intermittent fasting diet modalities that include the Base Track and Fast Track plans for you to choose the diet plan that best suits the speed with which you want to see the results.
• The Shred Fast Workout course, which consists of 9 physical training videos to maximize the results of the program.
• A 30-day supply of 3 essential supplements to help you lose fat while performing the program: Men’s Krill Elite oil, Alpha Armor and Alpha Meal.
• Your purchase has a 90-day money back guarantee.

Thomas himself is living proof of the success of the program and tells you all about his transformation at
On the website of the Healthy USA you can access all the information about the program: