What You Need To Know About Tia Torres Net Worth

Tia Torres is an American, she was born in California. She is into animal rescue and she is a specialist. She grew up with her mother where they always cared for animals. This was what triggered her to start a rehabilitation centers for abandoned, lost or abused animals. Her rehabilitation center became big and a television station came looking for her. The station began to air her center. This was what made her popular. Her net worth began to increase. She was able to achieve all these because she got the support of her husband.

Tia Torres is a hard working woman; her love for animals brought her fame and fortune. She believes that success comes with passion and hard work. When you have passion for something, your mind will focus on how to be successful in that area. She didn’t struggle to be known, she was discovered because she has something in her. That is why a lot of people want to know more about Tia Torres net worth
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