You need to know your iqama status to avoid eviction if you cess the working relationship

If you are interested in the oil area or are a specialist in that branch, in Arabia there are excellent job opportunities, but you cannot simply migrate and reach and knock on the door of those companies, you must first do the paperwork and legal requests. In order to enter the country, it is an essential requirement that the company prepares a work invitation in your name to obtain a work visa.

The government of Arabia requires a sponsor (employer) to grant the work visa, which in this case are companies duly constituted in Saudi Arabia, once you reach a labor agreement, this company requests the Arab government an authorization to process the visa in an embassy or consulate according to nationality or residence.

The other procedures are the routine exams that every company with these characteristics requests in its policies and that are governed by conditions established by the Arab government, among which there is a blood test for Hepatitis A, B, C, D, and HIV, as well as Yellow fever vaccine, there is always the possibility of other medical evaluations such as chest x-rays or general medical evaluations and these depend on the policies of that company.

You can start the processing of your residence visa (IQAMA) once the work visa is approved and you are in Arabia, because if the working condition with the company ceases, the company must notify the state of the cessation of the employment relationship and they will request the abandonment of the country and if it is already in process you can consult your iqama status and stay in the Arab country if approved.

It is always advisable to do the check iqama, constantly once you have started the procedures after obtaining your work visa.If the employment relationship ceases and you have your Iqama, it is recommended to do a check iqama huroob, which is the tool with which you will know if that sponsor (employer) requested your change of status and if it was classified as a fugitive (huroob) you must initiate the procedures for making said correction.

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